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Let's enter an infinite universe, where endless possibilities and technology unite.

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Starting our adventure in #Mycoverse, let's meet our first collaborator, "PALA Nusantara." Artisan clocks that tell about the beauty of the archipelago through the corners of the clock are made exotic and wrapped in a unique colorful design.

Pala refers to a spice fruit found in the eastern Indonesian islands of Maluku. It has a long history and a paramount role in introducing Indonesia's greatness in the global eyes. Once called the golden fruit due to its greater price compared to gold, Pala's value transformed Nusantara into the main destination for foreign explorers.

Pala Nusantara carries the same spirit to reintroduce the history of Pala to both local and international platforms, that our product is a manifestation of the history of Pala, embodying high quality and strong identity of Nusantara.

More About PALA
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About The NFT's

Digital :
The first ever watch strap made using Mylea™, a leather like material grown out of mushroom mycelium. In collaboration with Pala Nusantara a well renowned Indonesian artisan watches. This 3D animation NFT pattern is the exact same with the physical watch strap. The real strap will be given as an unlockable content for anyone who owns this NFT. This is 1 of 1 of the object and part of the Pala Mylea ™ Mycelium Watch Strap collection.
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The Journey

Looting Phase

Prepare your wallet, our NFT is on limited drops (only 30 design) for 0,3 ETH

Into The Mycoverse: First Phase

We will welcome you with a soft launch of our products on the third Sunday of March when the full moon is shining on our old town. Be ready.

From Mycelium To Watch: Second Phase

In this phase we will invite you to attend the #WeTheFuture exhibition at Fabcafe Tokyo 2022.
(Not including ticket and accommodation).

From Future To You. (Future Benefits)
Together with the future, we will present several benefits for you when you buy our NFT products!

1. You can customize this clock. You can add your name, or the name of a loved one.

2. Collaborative merch with Pala Nusantara.

3. Every NFT holder will be assigned to a mushroom and have a certificate.

4. #iNFiniTy is a hashtag used to categorize a digital footprint of donations to the climate warrior community.

And many more..